#IM48 is a road trip for people with ideas. Four guys, spending four months traveling across America to put on events that encourage people to bring to life their ideas.

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Don’t give up on this concept. This was one of the better conceptual speaking events I have been to. Why? Because I don’t really want to know what an entrepreneur is working on now. I want to know the story of how they got to where they are and why they do it. It helps you validate going all-in when you are in doubt.

Patrick Diab | @patrickdiab

After getting “stuck in the mud”, it was good to get out and hear the great effort stories that people have to share! Sharing these stories set off a jet blast for me to get going and start my new venture! Fasten your seat belts. We are about to take off!

It’s easier to control a wind instrument when you “blow hard”. The same for a start-up. Take in lots of air and release it with force using your skills to release that air for a perfect result. Without that air and power behind it, you have no sound and no shot at creating “music”.

Anything for our sponsors. #popchips #im48

The final one. #im48 (at Downtown Project Construction Zone)

The last one. #im48 (at Downtown Project Construction Zone)

Our special guest(worker) all the way from Israel. #im48 (at Downtown Project Construction Zone)

Zoe of @IWantHerJob joins #im48 crew to go to Vegas.

Bean and cheese and popchips burrito. #im48

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